According to this PCWorld Article, the world’s largest chip maker is ditching its 14-year-old “Intel Inside” slogan and its 37-year-old logo. The company will soon have a new tagline, “Leap Ahead,” and a new logo, which it has been working on for much of the year 2005.

However, it seems that the word “inside” will still be used in the form of, for example, “Intel Pentium 4 Inside” or “Intel Celeron D Inside.”

“We’re aligning our brand strategy with our platform strategy,” says Bill Calder, a spokesman for Intel. The “Intel Inside” campaign focused solely on the company’s microprocessors, such as its popular Pentium line of chips. But Intel has broadened its focus to entire platforms–not just the microprocessor but also surrounding chips and chip sets, such as Centrino for laptops able to surf the Internet using Wi-Fi, and the upcoming Viiv platform for home entertainment computers. The new logo aims to reflect this change.

“As we evolve as a company, it makes sense to evolve our brand,” says Calder.