Looks like the AskJeeves search engine will be firing the butler. According to this PCWorld article, chair and CEO Barry Diller of IAC/InterActiveCorp, the company that finished its purchase of AskJeeves this July, said:

“By the way, Jeeves will disappear, and we will be called Ask or Ask.com,” Diller said during the conference. “Not that I don’t like that butler. He’s actually a thinner butler now.”

It seems that the mascot was giving people wrong impressions about the search engine. Also from the PCWorld article:

…surveys revealed that users tended to pigeonhole the search engine as “old-fashioned” and appropriate for only question-based queries, Meakin said.

The company’s research has shown that use of the Jeeves character as the prominent symbol of the brand blinds people to recent changes and improvements in the search engine, the company said in a statement.