This potential problem is applicable to those using the following, which is probably quite a few people:

As part of its functionality, Adblock inserts a Block tab next to Flash objects, etc. to make blocking that object as easy as a couple clicks.

The problem is, Adblock will insert the HTML code for this tab into the visual editor for a WordPress post that includes Flash.

And who wants code like this in their posts?

<a href="" style="left: 0px ! important; top: 0px ! important" title="Click here to block this object with Adblock Plus" class="abp-objtab-0032072711718704405 visible ontop"></a>

Thankfully, the solution is simple:

  • For Adblock, right-click on the Adblock link in the status bar and select “Whitelist this whole site.”

  • For Adblock Plus, right-click on the ABP icon in the status bar and select “Disable on (your domain name).”

This will stop Adblock from adding the “Block” tab (and its associated code) into your posts.